Meet Daniel - The Seafood Gallery

What is your position at The Seafood Gallery and how big is your team:
I have been the manager at The Seafood Gallery since 2013. I manager the shop with four fantastic staff, two that serve our customers and two that focus on filleting the fish. It's often busy particularly around key times of the year like Christmas and Easter. My team enjoy serving our customers at Stud Park. 

What is your most popular product this time of year: 
Firstly, i would have to say salmon - we are very well know for our salmon. Around this time of year, leading up to Easter other items that our customers love include; oysters, snapper, rockling and gummy shark. 

And what is your favourite seafood: 
I can't go past a good salmon. I usually keep it simple - panfry or grill with a little bit of salt and pepper added to taste. I also really love sashimi with seaweed and wasabi. 
What do you like most about your job: 
I absolutely love serving our friendly customers. Most of our customers are regulars and we have a chat and we know many of them by name. It's great seeing some of our loyal customers visit the same days and times each week buying the same fish - we know their order before they have to tell us. 

What makes The Seafood Gallery a great part of the local Rowville community: 
We regularly donate to local groups. Most recently we have donated to St Simon's Parish for their school fete. We donated 10 vouchers worth $25 each. It's great to be able to do this as part of your business.