What is your position at The Source Bulk Foods Stud Park and tell us about your team: 
I'm currently the store manager of the Source Bulk Foods Rowville. We have a gorgeous streamlined store that creates an approachable and exciting zero-waste shopping experience. I work with an amazing team of women ranging from foodie and zero-waste lovers to Nutritionists and Naturopaths. 

What are the most purchased products this time of year:
During this time of the year we stock delectable VEGAN dream eggs which are always a hit for everyone! We also sell increased amounts of sultanas and raisins for sweet bursts of goodness in your homemade hot cross buns. Plus some of our favourites that are popular all year round include our tasty chocolate coated freeze-dried strawberries. 


And what is your favourite Source Bulk Foods product: 
My Favourite product would have to be our fresh, fizzy kombucha on tap! We have 3 different flavours available, my favourite is the orange blossom, turmeric and passionflower. Kombucha is incredible because it's a living probiotic made with natural ingredients and made right here in Melbourne. The best part is you can bring in your own bottle and pour it yourself.


What is the best part of your job: 
Working at The Source Rowville is a passion of mine as I am able to connect with the local community and share my love for zero-waste living. This then supports my drive to be a positive change and an example for others.

Do you have a favourite customer moment:
There are many favourite customer moments I experience everyday but the best of the best ones are the Jar bringers! Whether it be their first time filling up their own jars or the regular every Thursday morning visit. It's such an encouragement to see people getting involved in the zero-waste movement and how much joy it brings them.

What makes The Source Bulk Foods at Stud Park a great part of the Rowville community:
Our store is a great part of the local community as it supports and encourages locals to think differently about their grocery shopping habits. Reducing their waste and carbon footprint. I always enjoy seeing children in store, they're so thrilled about how interactive their shopping can be. We also love supporting local sporting teams and business by donating vouchers and prizes to help support their local events and fundraisers.