Meet Sam - Bakers Delight

What is your position at Bakers Delight Stud Park and how big is your team:
I am the Bakery Manager and privledged to work with a great team of 21 others. It is a significant size team of diverse people that make it enjoyable to turn up to work every day. 

What is the most popular product this time of year: 
We sell a crazy amount of Hot Cross Buns this time of year. They are a popular, seasonal product in the lead up to Easter. We bake a number of different flavours from scratch every day -  whether you are a sweet tooth or enjoy the classics. Personally, I love the Apple and Cinnamon flavour warmed up with butter! 


And.. what is your favourite Bakers Delight product: 
A regular lunch for me is a Continental Hungarian roll with a warm chicken salad. If you haven't had one you should definately try one. There are not many products i don't enjoy, especially when i know we bake from scratch daily so everything is fresh. 

What do you like most about your job: 
It's a busy job with lots of early mornings but the smell of the freshly baked bread makes it all worth it. I also enjoy the customer interaction. We have many regular customers that we get to see a few times a week and they are just lovely. 


Do you have a favourity customer moment: 
What warms me most is the personal touch Leanne, a long standing staff member, still gives new and old customers after 20 years. 

What makes Bakers Delight an important part of the local Rowville community: 
The fact that we donate bread to charities each night and support many of the local schools and sporting clubs for their fundraisers. It all makes a difference.