Meet Steve - Rowville Dry Cleaners

What is your position at Rowville Dry Cleaners and how big is your team?
I am the owner of Rowville Dry Cleaners. My family’s first Dry Cleaning store was in McKinnon in 1963.
This was a very successful business which our family sold in 1973. It was at this time that we set up a dry cleaning store in Glen Waverley. This store grew very quickly and also was very successful and due to retirement was sold in 1985. At this time the family moved to a 7 acre farm in Rowville. Around 1993 whilst in retirement a family friend needed help in setting up a store at Stud Park Shopping Centre. We have a long history in dry cleaning and our dry cleaning business has been at Stud Park Shopping Centre for almost 30 years and is now in it’s 3rd location.
What are the most common garment requests for dry cleaning this time of year?

During the colder, winter months in Melbourne definitely the popular items for drying cleaning include winter coats, doonas, blankets and other bedding. School uniforms are a common item all year round.

What are your top tips and recommendations for dry cleaning?
Once a garment is stained and is ‘dry clean only’ bring it in straight away to us. It’s much easier for us to treat the garment when the stain is fresh and no attempt has been made with other chemicals.
Do you have a favourite customer moment?

Having been here at Stud Park for almost 30 years I have had many fond customer moments. We have many regular customers we look after weekly and monthly. I have to say though, all customers are our favourites.
What makes Rowville Dry Cleaners a great part of the local community?

We are a regular supporter of local sporting clubs, fetes and schools by way of donations and sponsorships.
Stud Park is a close, tight-knit community to be part of and it’s important now more than ever that we support local business and encourage local community connections.