Meet Theresa - Donut King

What is your position at Donut King and how big is your team?  

I have been the owner of Donut King at Stud Park for the past few years now. I have a dynamic team of 7 people who are all enthusiastic workers. My team are an absolute pleasure to work with every day. It’s the team I work with that makes my job as the owner of Donut King Stud Park fun and rewarding.

What are the most popular menu items currently?  

A regular favourite are our freshly cooked hot cinnamon donuts paired with any of our hot beverages. This is a winner combination on a cold winter’s day. Our regular hotdog meal is popular with Stud Park customers too. We are currently open for take-away only and these delicious items are available for take-away purchases.

What is your favourite menu item?
I have so many favourites, but I would have to call out our chicken cheese avocado toasty and I usually have it with a Dirty Chai Latte. I love this for lunch or even a late brekkie on occassions. Some people still aren’t aware we sell toasty’s at Donut King, such a great option when you need a quick feed on the run. Currently avaialble for take-away only. 

What is new at Donut King?  

If you are looking for something new, you absolutely must try our Coffee Glaze donut from the glazed donut range. It’s smooth and crunchy and the ultimate coffee addict’s morning pick me up. It really is delicious. 

What do you love about working at Donut King?  

The most exciting aspect of my work would have to be the ability to create new donuts. It’s a job you dream of having when you are a kid! I also love our regular customers who always bring a smile to our faces when they visit us. 
Do you have a favourite customer moment?  

I can think of few, but something very special would be my birthday last year. Some of my amazing regular customers had organised a little surprise birthday cake and flowers that they sprung on me when I turned up at the shop in the afternoon. It’s moments like this that you cherish forever. We have a very loyal customer base. 
What makes Donut King a great part of the local Rowville community?  

Last year Donut King Stud Park donated to a local football club. It was a Player of the Day award for all 28 junior teams for the season. It was great to be able to give back to the local community in this way. We also supported Aussie Farmers Appeal with the droughts.